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Quantifying and scaling global plant trait diversity

TRY is a network of vegetation scientists headed by
DIVERSITAS, IGBP, the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
and an international Steering Committee.

Main objectives

  • Provide a global archive of plant traits
  • Promote trait-based approaches in ecology and biodiversity science
  • Support the design of a new generation of global vegetation models

Current state of database and network

  • 3 million trait records for about 69000 plant species
  • 591 participants from 207 scientific institutes worldwide
  • 256 scientific projects requesting plant trait data from TRY


Highly cited scientists in TRY (2014-08-28)
Several members and supporters of the TRY initiative are among the most frequently cited researchers worldwide: David Ackerly, Dennis Baldocchi, Richard Bardgett, William Bond, Stuart Chapin, Jerome Chave, Johannes Cornelissen, Sandra Diaz, Jonathan Foley, Eric Garnier, Stefan Klotz, Ingolf Kühn, Sandra Lavorel, Josep Penuelas, Colin Prentice, Peter Reich, Markus Reichstein, Stephen Sitch, Mark Westoby and Ian Wright. Congratulations! (link)

Paper published (2014-08-01)
Walker AP et al.: The relationship of leaf photosynthetic traits – Vcmax and Jmax – to leaf nitrogen, leaf phosphorus, and specific leaf area: a meta-analysis and modeling study. Ecology and Evolution (link)

Paper published (2014-06-23)
Scheffer et al.: Why trees and shrubs but rarely trubs? Trends in Ecology & Evolution. (link)

Paper published (2014-06-13)
Werner et al.: A single evolutionary innovation drives the deep evolution of symbiotic N2-fixation in angiosperms. Nature Communications. (link)

Paper published (2014-05-16)
Moles AT et al.: Which is a better predictor of plant traits: temperature or precipitation? Journal of Vegetation Science. (link)

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