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TRY Data Upload

This allows you to upload data to TRY. You must be registered to do so.

Data can be added to the TRY database (default) or be made available at the TRY File Archive (exception).
Contribute your data to the TRY File Archive if you want to publish your dataset and receive a DOI.
Any kind of data related to TRY can be hosted as files in the TRY File Archive.

You can also choose both options.

TRY will check, if your upload fits to the TRY project and will let you know, if your data can be hosted by TRY.

Please combine all files you want to upload (data file, description file, etc.) in a zipped archive, since you can only upload one file.
During the the upload process you will be asked to provide the relevant meta-data, e.g. name of your dataset, additional contributors (if appropriate), etc.

Where do you want to upload your dataset to:
TRY Database (recommended)
TRY File Archive (exception)

(Registration required)

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