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TRY Data Upload

This website allows you to select the TRY Plant Trait Database and/or the TRY File Archive to upload your dataset.

Contribution to the TRY Plant Trait Database (Kattge et al. 2011, 2020 Global Change Biology) is the default case. The status of data in the TRY Plant Trait Database is defined by the Intellectual Property Guidelines (pdf).

The TRY File Archive has been designed to support the TRY Plant Trait Database. In the context of the TRY File Archive, datasets are published as they are, without additional editing. The status of data in the TRY File Archive is defined by the Terms of Service (pdf)

Benefits of the TRY File Archive are:

  • Publish your plant trait dataset fast (it may take more than a year until your data become available via the TRY Plant Trait Database)
  • Receive a DOI for your dataset (in the TRY Plant Trait Database we cannot provide DOIs, because the data may be subject to change, i.e. corrections)
  • Publish results based on the TRY database (e.g. maps of plant traits)
  • Check and grant downloads in the File Owner Center

TRY will check, if your upload fits the TRY project and will get back to you, if your data cannot be hosted by TRY.

During the the upload process you will be asked to provide the relevant meta-data, e.g. name of your dataset, additional contributors (if appropriate), etc.

To continue, you must be registered.

Where do you want to upload your dataset to:
TRY Database (default)
TRY File Archive (exception)

(Registration required)

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