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Quantifying and scaling global plant trait diversity

TRY is a network of vegetation scientists headed by
Future Earth and the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry,
providing a global archive of curated plant traits.
The TRY database is a research platform of iDiv.

5.6 million trait records
100,000 plant species
largely open access


Paper published (2017-02-24)
Greenwood et al.: Tree mortality across biomes is promoted by drought intensity, lower wood density and higher specific leaf area (link)

TRY reference paper highly cited (2017-02-13)
The TRY reference paper (Kattge et al. 2011) is among the most accessed and most cited papers in Global Change Biology. (link)

Paper highlighting TRY (2017-02-02)
Parr et al.: GlobalAnts: a new database on the geography of ant traits (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) (link)

Activity Report (2017-02-01)
In January 2017, TRY received 80 requests and released 8.1 million trait records for 71 requests; 4 new publications were reported. This brings the totals to 2825 received requests, 245 million trait records released for 2215 requests, and 112 recorded publications (link)

Paper published (2017-01-27)
Barros et al.: Extreme climate events counteract the effects of climate and land-use changes in Alpine tree lines. Journal of Applied Ecololgy (link)

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