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Data Explorer

The Data Explorer enables you to search the TRY database and provides information about the content of the TRY database with respect to traits, species, original datasets and regions. Trait values are available at Get Data.

Information by Trait

Trait table
Detailed information for 1 trait
Species table for several traits

Information by Species

The accepted species list contains about 100,000 entries. Therefore, it does not make sense to view the entire list in your browser.
However, you can download the species list by right clicking the link and choosing 'Save target as ...' from the popup menu.

You can also view the accepted species list partially by first character:
Detailed information for 1 species. Please select the first character of the species of interest:
Traits table for several species

Information by Traits and Species

Information by Dataset

Information by Region

This website is based on database version 6.0 from 2022-10-13, and Data Explorer version 5.7 from 2019-03-26.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hard- and software of the data explorer?
How has the data exolorer been tested?
Why is the data explorer not as fast as Google?
What is the difference between measurement and observation?
What database is the Data Explorer based on?

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